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MatrixChart Systems OPS

MatrixChart Systems OPS is designed with an innovative features and functions as it packs with some of the most impressive features you will ever find in a Technical Analysis Package. A few of what we think are the best features are listed below.

Another unique feature is SmartOPS Market Sentiment indicator where it captures and follows the behaviour of supply and demand sentiment in the global market. By looking for spikes in the indicator, we can identify moments where fear has overwhelmed the market, giving us the opportunity to buy stocks at reduced levels.
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M5 FXScalping Strategies Edition

M5 FXScalping Strategies Edition is a Professional Technical Alert Strategies Program designed for investors and traders of forex market.
The system is a handy tool for independently developing automated indicator strategies alert and price action alert profiles allowing you to trade using your own strategy. You don’t have to write a single coding line to create an expert advisor. The system is therefore searched for new, profitable alert strategies and use them to create automated expert advisors which will help to automatically place alert signals via text sms and email trigger about the most profitable trades on any chart. Using this data to create an automated expert advisor can bring profit!    


Upcoming Class Highlights

MatrixChart Systems OPS Module Training Course                 (for Stock Trading)
Start Date:   9 JULY 2016
End Date:   13 JULY 2016
Fundamental of Technical Analysis Application
Training Course
Start Date:   NA
End Date:    
Fundamental Anaylsis of Share Valuation
Training Course (Stock Investment)
Start Date:   NA
End Date:    
M5 FXScalping Strategies Edition Professional FX3
Training Course (for Forex Trading)
Start Date:   19 JULY 2016
End Date:   21 JULY 2016

Educational Tips

Practical Money Management That Works

Rule 1: Risk no more that 2% of account balance;
Rule 2: Use natural support/resistance to set the stop-loss; and
Rule 3: Use the range between current price and the proposed stop-loss to calculate lot size.


Market Direction

Eurozone Modest Economic Growth in 2016

Lately economy is resilience in Eurozone territory and come in contrast with a slowdown in the U.S and China.

Growth in the euro currency zone gathered pace in the first 3​ months of the year, bringing economic output back to its level ​just​ before the 2008​ financial crisis—a belated achievement that​ reflects slow path to recovery. The strong first-quarter performance​ supported a drop in unemployment, but didn’t dispel doubts about sluggish overall growth in recent times that has left ​the eurozone grappling with chronically weak inflation, still-high​ jobless, and elevated debt.


The eurozone’s continuing struggle for full recovery makes other major​ economies’ recent records look sprightly—the U.S. regained its ​pre-crisis economic output level in 2011—and has fueled a debate about whether Europe is following the right mix of policies.

The eurozone’s gross domestic product grew at an annualized pace of 2.2% in the first quarter of 2016, data published by the European Union’s​statistics unit showed. That was about twice as fast in the previous quarter.